[Famous snacks in Yangzhou]_ Origin Yangzhou _ There is some kind of

[Famous snacks in Yangzhou]_ Origin Yangzhou _ There is some kind of

Yangzhou is a very beautiful place. The scenery here has attracted many people, but these cities not only have beautiful scenery, but also a lot of famous snacks. These snacks are mainly fish and chicken, such as fish.The head of hot pot has a completely different taste than other regions, mainly because it has a certain relationship with the method of making it. It is a place that pays attention to the heat and skills.

Yangzhou is the birthplace of Huaiyang, one of China’s four major alternatives. Instead, it pays attention to the original flavor, pays attention to firework, and is good at stewing stew.

Yangzhou chefs are still famous for their fine knives, and they are particularly good at sculpting ingredients. They are one of the famous “Yangzhou three knives”.

The Yangzhou cuisine is represented by splitting and braising bonito heads, grilling and roasting pig heads, and crab meal lion heads with “three heads”. The boiled and dried silk reflects the knife skills of Huaiyang dishes, and “three sets of ducks” hide the pigeons in the belly of wild ducks.The duck is hidden in the belly of the duck. The duck is fragrant, the vegetables are crispy, and the bold innovation creates the supreme deliciousness.

The three-head banquet, the red banquet, and the full-banquet banquet are collectively referred to as Yangzhou’s three alternatives.

A plate of delicate hot-dried silk represents the basic requirements of Yangzhou people for life.

Large white stems, each horizontally divided into 28 pieces, and then cut into filaments, the roots are clear, tough and not scattered.

With marinade and a lot of sesame oil, the elegant appearance has a very soft and fresh taste.

Cut the waist flower in half, cut it into pieces after hitting it with a flower knife.

On the side where the waist flower is cut, the flower-knife must be scratched horizontally and then vertically.

Completely stir-fry with yam in winter and scallion in spring, etc., the fried waist flower tastes crispy.

Boil the chicken broth with shiitake mushrooms, add spiced, star anise, soy sauce, sugar, salt, shrimp, and simmer on low heat for 3-4 hours. Cool and serve.

Braised shiitake mushrooms are a common cold dish in Yangzhou restaurants.

Big boiled dried silk, also known as chicken sauce boiled dried silk, is a housekeeping dish in Huaiyang imitation.

The raw materials are mainly Huaiyang Fanggan. The knifework is extremely fine. The delicious flavors of various condiments are calcined and compounded into dried tofu, which is refreshing and appetizing. It is extremely beautiful and delicious.