[How can pumpkin pie be fried?

】 _How to fry_How to fry

[How can pumpkin pie be fried?
】 _How to fry_How to fry

Pumpkin pie is a very traditional dish for cancer. Pumpkin is the main ingredient for making this kind of food. In addition, flour and white sesame are added during the production process. Pumpkin pie is generally yellow or golden yellow in appearance, which will make peopleVery appetite, taste very good, and is rich in rich nutrients, supplement vitamins and replace fiber, the following teaches you how to fry pumpkin pie.

How can pumpkin pie be fried?
Pumpkin pie has a lot of sugar, so it is easy to mash it.

Heat the oil and bring it to the pan again. This will quickly fry the surface and cover the sugar inside.

Then change the medium to low heat, pick up the pot and turn the pot around the fire to make the heat evenly, turn over once more.

Pumpkin pie is not difficult as long as you remember the trick, and it will be ready at a glance!

The old pumpkins are easy to store, affordable, bright and golden in color, and can be sourced locally in four seasons. They are good ingredients for snacks.

Pumpkin has higher edible value.

[Ingredients]500 grams of old pumpkin, 500 grams of glutinous rice flour, 100 grams of white sugar, 3 grams of salt, 50 grams of flour, and the right amount of cooking oil: 1. The powder should be raised in a bonded bowl, and the flour should not be added too much.The texture of the cake is not soft, and it does not have the taste of Q bombs when chewed. It is mainly glutinous rice flour. A small amount of flour can be shaped. The texture is soft and sticky. It does not absorb oil when fried. 2. Peel and slice the old pumpkin.Steaming or microwave biting for about 6 minutes, the benefits of microwave biting are: less soup, richer pumpkin flavor, and less glutinous rice flour.

3. When steaming pumpkin slices in the steamer, cover with a layer of tin foil to prevent too much distilled water from flowing into the pot. Steam the pumpkin, add sugar while it is hot, mix a small amount of salt, and mash the pumpkin while it is hot.Paste, sweet ingredients with a little salt can stimulate its sweet taste, taste more mellow and moist.

Adding a proper amount of salt can produce a light salty taste, which is reconciled with the sweetness of sugar to increase the flavor of pumpkin cake5. Pour the powder on the chopping board, stir up the pumpkin paste and mix into the glutinous rice flour.When the dough is smooth and feels soft like earlobe, stop adding pumpkin paste.

6. Put the dough on a chopping board and knead it as many times as possible. The pumpkin pie will be soft and glutinous.

Cover the kneaded dough with a damp cloth or cling film and let stand for about 10 minutes7. Then divide the dough into several small doughs of equal size, knead them into a circle, take out the clean mold, and fill the small dough into the mold 8, Press it lightly, the shape of pumpkin pie comes out, and do n’t make it too thick, make it thin and easy to cook, after all are ready to fry, you can also steam or fry in pan 9Pour in an appropriate amount of cooking oil, heat to a small air bubble, put the prepared pumpkin pie into the oil pan from the side of the pan, do not throw it from the middle, otherwise it will splash oil, 10, until the oil temperature rises, pumpkinAfter the cake is shaped, gently mix it with chopsticks or spatula to fully heat the pumpkin pie. Do not stick to the bottom of the pan. Fry until the pumpkin pie floats. The surface is yellowed. Remove and drain the oil.

[What pears should be used for rock candy Sydney]_Pear selection_How to choose

[What pears should be used for rock candy Sydney]_Pear selection_How to choose

In fact, there are many different varieties of this common fruit, but the pears that people often eat in life are Sydney, Yali, and Gong pear.

Each pear has similar effects on human organs, but there are some subtle differences. People choose different varieties of pears mainly because of their different tastes.

Rock candy Sydney water is often boiled by people to use to quench thirst and cough. What type of pear is used in the process of making rock sugar Sydney water?

Ordinary can be divided into duck pear, Sydney pear, honey pear, fragrant pear.

This is just different varieties of pears.

Sydney has smaller cores than ordinary pears, slightly yellowish and white color, thin skin, thin and tender meat, juicy and fragrant flavor, and sweetened residue.

Pear has been a favorite fruit of the masses since ancient times. It is slightly acidic, cold, and non-toxic. It has the effects of nourishing the lungs and cooling the heart, reducing inflammation, reducing fire, and detoxifying.

It can be used to stew rock sugar pears, fragrant pears, and duck pears. Usually stewed with pears or duck pears.

Ingredients: 700g Sydney (try to choose juicy and thin skin), 50g rock sugar, 2000ml water.

Actual steps: 1. Wash, peel and cut into pieces.

Add a small amount of water to the pot, just before passing the pears, put the pears in and boil over high heat.

2. Add rock sugar and change to medium heat. After the sugar is completely melted, change to low heat and simmer for 20 minutes.

Turn off the fire and simmer for about 10 minutes.

This drink is hot and cold. It is more suitable for hot drinks in winter. A cup of water can warm the whole body from the cold.

Reminder: Pears are cold, so people with a strong internal fire do not prevent them from drinking a glass of rock candy Sydney often.

And those with spleen and stomach deficiency, indigestion and postpartum blood deficiency should not eat more.

Supplementary note: 1. Only use real Sydney to make cough drops better. There is a crown pear and Sydney that are very similar. Everyone should pay attention to identification when buying Sydney.

2. If Chuanbei is added to Bingtang Pear and cooked together, the effect of treating cough due to wind and heat will be better.

The nutritional value of pear pear fruit: Shengjin, moistening, clearing heat, phlegm and other effects, suitable for fever, injury, thirst, thirst, fever, cough, sputum fever, panic, thirst, aphasia, red eyesPain, indigestion.

Pear peel: cleansing heart, moisturizing the lungs, lowering the fire, regenerating the kidney, nourishing the kidney, and tonifying the yin.

Roots, leaves and flowers have the effects of nourishing the lungs, reducing phlegm, clearing heat, and detoxifying.

Pear seed: Pear seed contains lignin, which is an insoluble fiber that can be dissolved in the intestine to form a gelatinous film that can be eliminated by binding to the intestine.

Boron can prevent osteoporosis in women.

With borohydride, memory, attention, and mental acuity increase.

[Choose the appropriate contraceptive method]_Contraception_How to contraceptive_How to contraceptive_How to choose

[Choose the appropriate contraceptive method]_Contraception_How to contraceptive_How to contraceptive_How to choose

Now people’s minds are becoming more and more open, and sex life is not something to be ashamed of. There are many young men and women who do not take any measures in sex life in order to covet the moment of joy, so the consequences will appearUnexpected pregnancy, some friends will choose to be aborted because they are not ready to become parents, so how to choose the appropriate contraceptive method?

Long-lasting contraception.

Features: 1.

Long-acting contraception: better effect, humane and easy to use.


Contraception after abortion: regular menstrual cycle, recovery of fertility is restored, better contraceptive effect, artificial abortion placed at the same time, one operation.


Health: relieve dysmenorrhea, relieve premenstrual syndrome, and more menstruation.

PK: 1.

Sterilization 2.

Intrauterine device.


Oral contraceptives.

Convenience: It will not hurt to join the uterus, it is much easier than putting the ring, and no condom is needed.

One of the most comfortable contraceptive methods of oral contraceptives, short-acting contraceptives) Take one tablet daily or continuously for 22 days from the end of menstruation. Regular menstruation can be helpful for premenstrual abdominal pain and irritability.

Many women, after getting used to taking short-acting contraceptives, accidentally find their skin is smoother.

In order to solve the problem of missed doses of short-acting oral contraceptives, there is a very simple alternative method: make a monthly calendar on the computer, cut and paste on the bottle of the medicine bottle, make a corresponding mark for each tablet, and remind each other between husband and wifeTo prevent forgetting.

The new generation of short-acting contraceptives has effectively changed the side effects of the older generation of contraceptives, such as obesity, ulcers, and increased hair, without affecting the development of oxides. As long as all aspects of your body areReady, ready for a baby, you can get pregnant right after stopping the medicine.

Contraceptive comfort during the safety period is also one of the highest contraceptive methods. It is most welcomed by men, because you can enjoy a kind of fun only in the Garden of Eden in addition to being used to a variety of “prevention of death” contraception.

Men don’t object to in vitro excretion, because before the climax of surfing, there is an “emergency stop” action that is very exciting. Many men believe that this implies that their ability to retract easily is a manifestation of determination and control.

For women, this condom is second only to oral contraceptives and safe contraceptives. Although your male companion is loud against “troubleshooting” and “itching every other boot”, disposable condoms, contraceptionThe effect is as high as 99.

6%, and its “discomfort”, there is a little “slightly spicy” when there is friction between plastic products and vagina.

I believe men’s physical feelings are the same. Their discomfort is 100% psychological.

Female condoms Female condoms replace the inner ring of traditional female condoms with hemispherical sponge foam, concentrating all the advantages of barrier contraception.

According to the characteristics of female genitalia, it has both non-drug, non-systemic and non-invasive advantages. Women can realize self-protection through it, which can effectively improve the protection rate of couples’ lives and prevent sexually transmitted diseases such as cancer.

[1]Ligation contraception Of course, it is uncomfortable when performing ligation surgery, and there will be local pain and redness, but this “sequelae of surgery” disappears after two or three days.Both parties feel contradictory to enjoy the “second spring” that was impossible when they were young.

Every subsequent sexual event will become “no burden” and extremely comfortable.

In Japan, ligature surgery is considered to be one of the ways to liberate married housewives, and it has made their acceptance of sex much higher than before ligation.

If both parties agree to become a Dink couple, ligation is the best method of contraception.

Ligation does not affect the level of sex hormones in the body, so it is just trapped in the channel where sperm and eggs meet. Therefore, there is no need to worry about it will eliminate people’s secondary sexual characteristics or make the ligature enter menopause in advance.

An intrauterine contraceptive device is a rather uncomfortable contraceptive method. The operation scale when placing the contraceptive device is almost the same as that of an abortion. The rectal dilator is also used.

The effect of contraception after placement varies from person to person, and also depends on the position and technique of the doctor during placement.

A small number of women have a rejection response to the “metal ring” placed on dialysis, which is manifested by menstrual flow, long periods, and increased abdominal pain during menstruation.

A common intrauterine contraceptive device is valid for 5 to 8 years. It is also very painful to retrieve. A cervical dilator must be used. When the “metal ring” adheres to the uterine wall, it can cause pain and bleeding.

The above is an introduction on how to choose a suitable contraceptive method. In fact, there are many healthy and safe contraceptive methods in life. We can choose according to our physical conditions. Some unmarried women should learn to protect themselves in life., Don’t cause some harm to your body for a moment of joy.

[How to deal with headaches]_ headache

[How to deal with headaches]_ headache

If you have a headache, then you need to understand what causes it. Excessive excitement during sexual life can easily lead to a sudden rise in blood pressure and cause headache symptoms. You should also pay attention to your psychological burden and maintain a happy feeling.Enjoy sex.

1. Make headaches and dizziness during sex. This is a common phenomenon when sex is stopped halfway. It is halfway to have sex. It is terrible. The back of the head hurts. Follow the Baihui acupoint (branch of the head, where the child ‘s soft depression will jump).However, if the pain is severe, the severe person turns around, his eyebrows are sore, and the eyes cannot be opened, such as riding in a car and boat, and hesitating, such as being in a situation where he is powerless, like Sun Wukong’s muscles.

2, more severe cases will suddenly occur cerebral vascular rupture, or cerebral hemorrhage with ruptured blood vessels, or sudden drop in blood pressure and cerebral hypoxia, or cerebral hemorrhage and paralysis.

Some form “ear-induced dizziness” (press: Western medicine is also known as Minnell’s Syndrome, Chinese medicine is called foot-to-yin phlegm and headache), or ear hearing, tinnitus.

3, the reason is that during sex, some people will be over excited and the blood pressure suddenly rises, leading to increased brain pressure and the formation of cerebral hemorrhage.

Some people will be over-stressed, which will cause the neck muscles to contract and stretch, which will cause pain around the back of the “fengchi acupoint”.

Some people usually have a low blood pressure, and when they are excited, their blood vessels dilate, and the blood pressure suddenly drops, resulting in a lack of air in the brain and dizziness.

Some people usually suffer from carotid fractures or thrombosis, or have undergone carotid injection, catheter inspection, mesh surgery or carotid surgery . which leads to the formation of thrombus in normal times, and the thrombus is easily detached from the cover when over excited., Into the brain and embolism, stroke.

4, some people usually have a very typical psychological burden, the inner ear is not balanced, or the brain pressure is not stable, the occipital foramen have tumors or fractures, after intense exercise, such as paper boat in the rough sea waves, suddenly and dizzy,headache.

[Can you eat chrysanthemum tea during lactation]_Postpartum_Can you eat it?

[Can you eat chrysanthemum tea during lactation]_Postpartum_Can you eat it?

You can drink chrysanthemum tea during lactation. Chrysanthemum tea is a more common type of tea. It has a good heat-clearing and detoxifying effect, and it is also effective in preventing anger. Of course, for mothers,When drinking chrysanthemum tea, you should also understand some precautions, that is, if the spleen and stomach are cold, indigestion often occurs, you should drink less at this time to avoid affecting the stomach.

Is it possible to eat chrysanthemum tea during lactation? 1. Occasionally drinking a little chrysanthemum tea during lactation is good for babies, especially in summer, it can relieve summer heat. For babies who eat milk powder, it is easy to get angry.Help your baby defecate smoothly.

2. Breastfeeding mothers should drink chrysanthemum tea with caution. The chrysanthemum tea contains higher purity, which will affect the absorption and conversion of iron. The chrysanthemum tea is cool in nature. Although it has the effect of clearing heat and detoxifying, it may not be suitable for all mothers.And cold food is easy to affect the baby through milk, causing baby diarrhea, but occasionally drink it anyway, it should not be accepted for a long time.

How to drink chrysanthemum tea 1 during lactation and get angry. You can drink a little chrysanthemum tea when breastfeeding mothers get angry, but it is best not to add rock sugar when drinking chrysanthemum tea, because rock sugar is also a cold food., And suffering from excessive polysaccharides easily cause too much.

2, add more fruits, fruits can supplement vitamins and minerals, mothers can eat a small amount of fruits such as apples, oranges, bananas after meals, it is best to eat warm before eating.

3, the diet should be light, eat less spicy, spicy, sour, cold, hot foods, diet should be balanced, vegetarian food is properly matched, do not picky eaters.

Everyone gets angry, and nursing mothers are no exception.

Ginger wine is often eaten during breastfeeding. If you are not comfortable with it, you will easily get angry.

Maternal mothers who get angry during lactation cannot eat chrysanthemum tea casually. Chrysanthemum tea is not good for baby’s development.

There is not only one way to lower the fire. You can drink more water and eat more fruits.

[The flow that women are eager to go through is so simple]

[The “flow” that women are eager to go through is so simple]

We study philosophy, aesthetics, and computers . learning a lot of things that “may” lead to our happiness, but few people have learned the following “certainly” that triggers your happiness . Do you know that women want some kind of sex?

What kind of sex flow is most favored by women?

Tell you now.

First, get along before sex.

The prelude to a woman is from the moment he wants to meet a man, or the moment he meets a man.

When a woman has sex, she will integrate daytime into her lingering.

If the man is not in a relationship with her and wants to panic to end the “fight”, then send her flowers first!

If you do n’t have the money to buy a bunch, buy one!

Give the woman a small gift when you meet; take a moment to learn as described in many love novels, take a walk with her, chat, and give the woman an affectionate hug that any woman likes.

Voiceover: A woman needs these. If she doesn’t, the woman will be disgusted, unless she and the man are a “transaction.”

Men, please take a moment to get along with the woman romantically before sex, and resonate with her sexual fantasies, so that she melts it all into sex with you.


[The practice of Yuancong]_ Yuancong_how to do_how to do

[The practice of Yuancong]_ Yuancong_how to do_how to do

The spring onion is actually onion. We are all familiar with onions, because these ingredients are actually edible in life, and there are many ways for onions, such as onion with fungus or fried pork liver with onions.Is more common.

First, the practice of mixing onions with fungus 1.

Soak black fungus in cold water for half a day, clean it, tear it into small flowers, simmer it in a boiling water pot, remove the cold boiling water, and drain the water for use. 2

Onion slices 3.

Coriander cut into spare 4.

Mix the above ingredients, add salt, soy sauce, sugar, vinegar and sesame oil and mix well.

The pork liver was repeatedly washed under the faucet until there was no blood water, and then soaked in clean water for half an hour, removed and cut to about 0.

5CM sheet, and then rinse repeatedly with water until there is no blood 2.

Boil a pot of water, put the cut pork liver into the water, and immediately drain it with a colander after simmering the water, and rinse it with cold water and drain it for use3.

Wash and peel the onion, cut into thick pieces, prepare a small bowl, put a small spoonful of starch, and add water to mix into water starch 4.

Heat the oil pan, add the oil, stir-fry the onion shreds until the flavor overflows, stir-fry the pork liver for a while, add cooking wine, old soy sauce, salt, sugar, chicken essence, stir well quickly, then mix with water starch and drizzle a little sesame oilIn the third pot, pig liver is rich in iron and phosphorus. It is an inedible raw material for hematopoietic. The protein, lecithin, and trace elements in pig liver are beneficial to the intellectual and physical development of children.

Pig liver is rich in vitamin A, which is often eaten in pig liver, which can gradually eliminate the ophthalmic cause.

According to recent medical research, pig liver has a variety of anti-cancer substances, such as vitamin c, selenium, etc., and the liver also has special anti-cancer and anti-fatigue substances. The liver is a nutrient organism and a detoxifying organism.The body continuously exerts its detoxification effect. After being metabolized by the liver, toxic substances and detoxification products can be excreted with the secretion of bile. Therefore, the normal liver itself is non-toxic and can be eaten with confidence.

[Complementary food for babies of 14 months]_pediatrics_how to do

[Complementary food for babies of 14 months]_pediatrics_how to do

As the baby grows up, due to different nutritional needs, the foods eaten at each period are also very different.

As the baby grows up, parents will gradually add supplementary food to the baby. When the baby is 14 months, he will need more nutrition. During this period, the baby’s stomach is gradually improved, and at this time, the baby can be fed some food.High-protein foods such as fish.

The following is a list of food supplements for 14-month babies, for your reference only.

1. Liver porridge with chicken liver 20g, rice 20g, water 1.

5 cups.

Remove the chicken liver, remove the tendons, and chop it into a mud.

After the rice is boiled, turn to low heat, cover with 焖 and cook until rotten, stir in liver mud, and then boil.

2, 1/2 bowl of small fish egg porridge rice, 1 cup of water, 10g small fish, 1/2 egg yolk.

Add rice and water to a small pot and cook until rotten.

Put the small fish into the pot and cook it a little, then beat the egg yolks on top of the porridge and stir until cooked.

3, vegetable tofu puree peeled carrot 5g, tender tofu 1/6, pea 1/2, egg yolk 1/2 water, 1/2 cup of soy sauce.

Cook the peeled carrots and peas and cut into very small pieces.

Add water and ingredients to the small pot, add the tofu while mashing, add some soy sauce, and cook until the soup becomes less.

Finally, add the egg yolks to the pot and cook.

4. Cut the egg yolk and tofu into small pieces and use boiling water to nick it again. Put a duck egg yolk in the oil pan that is poured out and fry.

5. Stir-fried eggs with cucumber fungus, eggs and shredded cucumber, pour oil in the pot, add the shredded eggs and cucumber shreds, add a little fungus and diced ham after frying.

6, secret mashed potatoes, yam, pumpkin.

Potatoes are cooked in water, poured into hot water and beaten into a raw egg, add a thin slice, add milk, mash and stir well, and serve out of a pan.

[Can 8 months old eat mangosteen?

】 _Baby_Can you eat

[Can 8 months old eat mangosteen?
】 _Baby_Can you eat

I often hear people say that eating more fruits is good for your health. In fact, as your baby grows up, you need to add fruits. Some nutrients contained in fruits are excluded from vegetables. Babies who are 8 months oldUsually the gastrointestinal function has been developed relatively well. Many things can be eaten. Mangosteen is a very common thing. It can be eaten directly, can be cooked in soup or fried. Can a man with a lot of months eat mangosteen?

Can an 8-month-old baby eat mangosteen?

The baby in the top month can eat mangosteen. Mangosteen contains a special substance, which has the effects of reducing dryness, cooling and antipyretics, which makes mangosteen able to dry durian.

In Thailand, durian and mangosteen are regarded as “couple fruit”.

If you eat too much durian and get on fire, eating a few mangosteens can alleviate it.

Mangosteen is rich in protein and lipids, which has a good nourishing effect on the body, and has a good nutritional effect on the frail, malnourished, and those who have recovered after the illness.

Mangosteen cellulose carbonate, but it will absorb water and swell in the stomach, and excessive consumption will cause constipation.

Sugar content is high, so obese people should eat less, people with diabetes should not eat.

It contains higher potassium, so people with kidney disease and heart disease should eat less.

Your baby has a weak spleen and stomach and should not eat more.

When adding chopped vegetables and minced meat to your baby, gradually increase from a small amount.

During the teething period, you can try to give your baby small cookies, baked buns, etc., and let him practice chewing.

1, end of rice soup.

Ingredients: Rapeseed heart, rice noodles.

Wash and chop the vegetables, and turn the rice noodles with cold water until there is no cake.

Add the rice noodle soup and boil again. Add the ground vegetables and stir.

The soup in the pot is boiled again and cooked for about 1 minute.

Wait until the dishes are cooked and ready to cook.

2. Apple oatmeal.

Ingredients: 1/4 apple, 20 grams oatmeal.

Method: Peel the apple and cut it into quarters.

Put the apples in a blender and mash them.

Rinse the oatmeal with boiling water.

Add apple puree to the oatmeal paste and stir well.

8-month-old babies suffer from physiological anorexia. At 8 months old, some babies may experience a “physiological anorexia”.

Drink and stop while you are breastfeeding, make a variety of voices “protest”, and even eat less or no milk.

This is because, whether it is a formula baby or a full breast milk baby, when there is more food in the diet, the baby’s milk volume will naturally decrease.

After some babies have tasted the new taste, they will fall in love with this rich taste and will react to absorb and drink milk.

But if the baby’s development and vitality are very good, then the mother need not worry.

Normally, it will recover naturally within a month or so.

The status of each child is different, and parents should not over-calculate the amount of milk they drink, making them nervous.

Adopting a compulsive attitude is prone to adverse effects.

If your baby is ready to try non-staple foods, it is also a good way to supplement the nutrients that your baby lacks from here.

The baby wakes up longer, and parents should play more games with the baby: as long as the seventh month, the baby’s sleep is gradually reduced, and during the day can become a new learning period, you can eat complementary foods, and you can have relationships with your motherCommunicate, don’t let your baby look boring at the ceiling all day.

The baby’s stool is still abnormal: by adding complementary foods, the baby may have constipation or diarrhea. Parents should carefully screen and adjust the complementary foods according to the baby’s stool.

[Can pregnant women eat red rob?]_ Pregnancy_Impact

[Can pregnant women eat red rob?]_ Pregnancy_Impact

Carrot shrinkage is relatively high, often eating carrots can smooth the air, stomach and digestion, clearing heat and detoxifying, so many people will eat some carrots on a regular basis.

The diet of pregnant women is very particular. Can pregnant women eat red rob?

For pregnant women, eating red rob regularly can reduce the infection of germs, can also promote gastrointestinal motility and prevent constipation.

Take a look at the other benefits of pregnant women eating red rob.

First, can pregnant women eat carrots?

Carrots are also called “big carrots”, “rouge radishes” and “Northeast carrots”. Carrots have a mild temperature, enter the lungs, and have two meridians.Shun Qi, convenience, Shengjinzhike, Buzhong, Anwu internal organs and other functions.

There are many types of radishes, and those with less spicy taste are better.

Second, pregnant women eat more benefits of carrots.

1. Expectant mothers can eat carrots to supplement carotene and multivitamins, which can enhance their resistance and avoid being infected by germs during pregnancy.

In addition, the fine fibers in carrots can promote insertion vibration, promote metabolism, help expectant mothers to expel waste from the body, and prevent constipation.

2. Carotene in carrots will be converted into vitamin A, which is very beneficial to the visual development of the baby.

In addition, carrots can enhance the growth of skin tissues, so that the baby can have supple skin after birth.

Tips: Although the benefits of carrots are many, but the consumption of carrots will produce a heartburn, so it is advisable for expectant mothers to consume a small amount.

Third, the practice of pregnant women to eat carrots (a) carrot stew broth carrots contain a variety of vitamins, which can improve human immunity, improve eye fatigue, anemia, and help blood circulation.

Prepare ingredients: 50 grams of potatoes, 10 grams of spring onions, 2 slices of ginger, 3 dates of red dates, 50 ml of water, 100 grams of carrots, 200 grams of pork belly, 1 teaspoon of salt. Method: 1. Wash the carrots and potatoes, peel and cut intoHob block.

2. Ginger slices and shallots.

Wash the pork belly and cut into pieces.

3. Pork belly is scalded with boiling water and removed for later use.

4. Add another pot of water, add pork belly, potatoes, carrots, shallots, ginger slices, red dates, boil first.

5, then change to low heat and cook for another half an hour, add salt before serving.

6, then serve in a bowl.

(2) Dried carrots and small fried pregnant women eat carrots, which can increase their own resistance and help improve their ability to resist bacterial infections.

Women eating carrots can reduce the incidence of ovarian cancer.

Carrots contain potassium hyaluronate, which helps prevent vascular sclerosis, lower cholesterol, and has a certain effect on hypertension.

Preparation materials: 1 carrot, 5 dried shiitake mushrooms, 2 thousand pieces, 2 garlics, appropriate amount of salad oil, and appropriate amount of salt.

Method: 1. Prepare a few bigger carrots and rinse them.

Grate the carrots into shreds, from the beginning to the end.

The shredded silk is exposed to the sun, and the three big suns can be dried into shredded carrots.

2. Soak the dried carrot shreds in advance.

3, soak the mushrooms in advance.

4. Cut the garlic into small pieces, and cut the thousand pieces into shreds.

Add hot carrots and cold oil to stir fry.

5. Add shiitake shreds and thousand pieces of shredded fire to continue to stir fry. You can stir fry with some water in the middle.

6. Season with salt and chicken essence (or omit it), sprinkle with garlic and stir fry for a while.