[Sautéed Potato Chips with Bell Peppers]_Method of Making_Methods

[Sautéed Potato Chips with Bell Peppers]_Method of Making_Methods

The method of frying potato chips with bell peppers is very simple. We peel the potatoes, deseed the bell peppers, and then dewater the potatoes. After the potatoes are removed, heat the pan, and pour the bell peppers.After a few minutes, add potatoes to stir fry, and finally add raw soy sauce, salt and other seasonings to the pan. Everyone does not hinder trying the method of making potatoes with bell peppers.

The practice of fried potato chips with bell pepper.

1. Peel the potatoes, peel the bell peppers, and wash and slice them for later use.

2. Heat the pan and put some oil.

3. Add potato chips and stir fry for 2 minutes, spray with water for 1 minute.

4. Add the bell peppers and stir fry, season with salt, MSG and soy sauce.

5. Simply stir fry and get out of the pot.

The nutritional value of fried potato chips with bell peppers1. The fruits of bell peppers are extremely rich in nutrients. Its vitamin C content is higher than that of eggplants and tomatoes, ranking first in vegetables.

2, bell pepper contains fragrant and spicy capsaicin, which can increase appetite, help digestion, and prevent constipation.

For people with frequent constipation, you can eat more.

3. Potato chips are a potential starch that can quickly replenish energy and prevent high blood pressure.

What to pay attention to fried potato chips with bell pepper 1, potato chips are relatively difficult to fry soft, so be sure to add a lid for one minute, the armor makes the potatoes easier to ripen.

If you want to cook quickly, you can change the potato chips to shredded potatoes.

2, bell pepper is relatively easy to cook, and the bell pepper eats its crispy texture, so do not fry for too long.

3, vitamin C in bell peppers, when preparing, pay attention to grasp the heat, should be fired quickly, not too long, so as not to lose too much vitamin C.

4. As for the seasoning, soy sauce is used for blending, so the ratio of salt to soy sauce should be well grasped.

[How to make boiled meatballs]_ production method _ practice Daquan

[How to make boiled meatballs]_ production method _ practice Daquan

Meatballs are a way to eat when eating meat, especially for people with constipation. Meatballs should be eaten more, because meatballs are made by crushing meat, so eating it helpsThe human body digests and absorbs.

When parents choose complementary foods for their children, they will give them some meatballs because the children’s stomach still has a certain effect on the absorption of meatballs.

If it is boiled meatball, is there any specific operation method?

Ingredients: 500 grams of ground pork, dried mushrooms, Mr. Ginger, sliced onion, two eggs, two starch powders, starch powder, starch, salt, and boiled pork balls.

Prepare minced pork 2.

Mince the ginger, spring onions, and sautéed shiitake mushrooms. I use a vegetable grinder to grind them quickly.


Place the ground vegetables in the ground pork, beat the eggs, stir in the right amount of starch and pepper, and add the right amount of salt.

Personal taste doesn’t like too many seasonings, except for the essentials, which are basically omitted.

Wear disposable gloves to grab the filling evenly.


Boil water in the pot and wait for small bubbles to come out at the bottom.

Grab an appropriate amount of filling, dip your hands in water, and beat repeatedly to make a round pot.

Mariko who has been beaten is more flexible and will have a softer taste when immersed in water.

Floured with meatballs and cooked on the water.

Qingshui meatball 1, pork 3-4 (requires fat and lean meat filling) chopped into a puree, add garlic, fresh ginger and pork together with minced pork.

2. After the meat is cut, put it in a bowl, add an egg white (remember not to egg yolk), add a small amount of starch!

The earliest is to make the meatballs smoother!

3. Add salt, chicken essence, sesame oil, flavor and a small amount of sugar to the meat filling 4. Wash two cilantro and cut into small pieces for later use. 5. While mixing the filling, you can put water in the pot and openBurning on medium heat.

6. It is best to add water to the meatballs into the pot when the water reaches 3-4% hot, do not stir!

After the water has boiled, cook for another 2-3 minutes.

7. When the pan is out, add the coriander powder and pour in some sesame oil!

Ready to eat!

[How to make whole wheat red bean cake]_Home-made method of whole wheat red bean cake_How to make whole wheat red bean cake_How to make whole wheat red bean cake

[How to make whole wheat red bean cake]_Home-made method of whole wheat red bean cake_How to make whole wheat red bean cake_How to make whole wheat red bean cake

In the face of so many delicious foods on the market, I know that many people can’t resist the temptation, but there are many foods that are not clean. In this situation, we can actually learn to cook at home by ourselvesDemonstrate the practice of whole wheat red bean cake.


1 Add soaked red beans to boiling water.


2 Prepare the materials.


Cook over high heat until the volume doubles greatly, then turn to low heat for 3 minutes.


21 Filter the red beans into the rice cooker.


Add brown sugar.


Oatmeal after removing impurities with water.


Wash the oats into a rice cooker.


Add the sifted flour.


Add an appropriate amount of milk and stir to make a thick paste.


Use a spatula to smooth the paste, then shake the rice cooker vigorously to eliminate the bubbles in the paste.


Press the rice cooker button of the rice cooker to ignore it.


When it becomes warm, unplug the socket for 5 minutes and pour it out to cool.

After reading the introduction of the editor, I believe that my friends can’t wait any longer, what are you waiting for? Then quickly go into the kitchen to show your skills and start making whole wheat red bean cake

[Flour musty is some kind]_Long mold_Performance

[Flour musty is some kind]_Long mold_Performance

Flour is a powdery object. If it is not stored properly, it will be easily affected by the impact gas and deteriorate.

After the flour is moldy, whether it is color or odor, there will be a big difference. It is still easy for everyone to distinguish. A bit of odor will have a sour smell.

The flour must be judged by its color, smell, and feel.

If the color is blue, smell of mildew or bitter smell, grab a handful of flour and spread it on the palm, there are noodles or impurities, after the taste there is a smell or mildew or bitterness, or if you put your hand in the flour, it will be hotFeeling is moldy inferior flour.

Method to identify the quality of flour: a look: look at the color of flour, the color of flour is the basis for determining flour grade.

High-grade flour has a white and delicate color, no mottle, and no gluten; this is the same for low-grade flour.

Creamy or light yellow flour is due to durum wheat with more gluten content, and its gluten content is generally higher.

Second smell: The smell of good flour has a scent of wheat, and the flour that has been under high temperature or stored for a long time due to grain aging will have a strange smell and sticky texture.

Those with a good sense of smell can take a small amount of flour and directly smell the smell to identify the advantages and disadvantages; those with poor smell can add the flour to hot water and start to smell. If the smell is straw, the smell of wheat aroma indicates that the flour processing time is not long and the quality is relativelyGood morning, without adding too many additives.

If you smell a strong dusty smell, it must be stale noodles or excessive excess substances added.

Third product: Put a little dry flour in your mouth and put it in your mouth. If there is a phenomenon of flounder, it means that the flour has a high sand content; if the taste is sour, judge that the flour has a high acidity.

For mature food, taste the normal taste of starch after the normal flour-made mature food.

Such as the taste of flounder, indicating that the flour is high in sand.

Four pinches: Hold the flour with a hand and press it slightly. If the flour is powdery and has no graininess, it will loosen after the pinch and then spread out without clumping. You can judge that the flour has a moderate moisture content.

If it is easy to form agglomerates, agglomerates, and sticky after pinching, you can judge that the flour fragments are high. In the soup stock weather, it is easy to heat and moldy.

Good flour is soft when twisted by hand, and it feels problematic if it feels too smooth.

[What is the best chicken soup?]_ How to make_Procedures

[What is the best chicken soup?]_ How to make_Procedures

Many people prefer to drink chicken soup. Chicken soup has a good nourishing effect. It can play a certain role in preventing diseases and improving immunity. When cooking chicken soup, you can also add other auxiliary ingredients, so thatChicken soup not only tastes better, but its nutritional effects are also more obvious. For example, it can be made into mushroom soup with chicken stew, or yam soup with chicken stew, which have obvious health effects.

Ingredients for shiitake mushroom stewed chicken soup: 1 chicken (preferably native chicken), 10 shiitake mushrooms, ginger, spring onion, cooking wine, salt method 1. Wash the chicken thoroughly.

2. Soak shiitake mushrooms in warm water (about an hour or so) 3. Cut the chicken into cubes, pour into a large amount of cold water, boil it, and skim the float.

4. Add ginger slices and shallot segments.

5. Pour a small amount of cooking wine.

6. Pour in the water of the mushroom (note that there will be dirty sediment below, don’t pour it in together) 7. Add the mushroom that has been soaked.

8, boil over high heat, turn to low heat and simmer slowly for about an hour and a half.

9, until the chicken can easily penetrate with chopsticks, add salt to season.

Ingredients for yam stewed chicken soup: 1 farm chicken, 1 yam root, 1 wolfberry, green onion ginger, cooking wine, salt concentration 1, after the chicken is slaughtered, clean the abdominal cavity, chop into small pieces, wash the green onion ginger, ginger slices, and green onionsKnot.

2. Put the cut chicken into the pot, add enough cold water and boil.

3. Skim the foam.

4. Add one tablespoon of cooking wine.

5. Add ginger slices and shallots.

6. Turn to low heat after boiling, cover, and simmer for about 30 minutes.

(Because I use a cast iron pot, the stew soup is less time-consuming than ordinary pots, so use a casserole or other pot to stew the soup, to extend the stew time) 7. Peel the yam, cut into small pieces, add to the pot, continueCover and simmer for 10 minutes.

8. After the wolfberry is rinsed with water, open the lid and add. Continue to cover for 10 minutes. Open the lid and season with salt.

Ingredients for radish stewed chicken soup: 1/4 soil chicken, 300 g white radish, 30 g ginger, 1 shallot, 600 g water, 1 tsp salt, 1 tbsp rice wine.

Roast chicken chops small pieces, add hot water and blanch for 1 minute, then remove and reserve.


Peel the white radish and cut the hob block, add hot water and blanch for 1 minute and remove it for future use.


Ginger peeled and sliced; shallots cut into sections and set aside.


Will practice 1?
Put all the ingredients, water and seasonings in 3 into the electric pot, press the “Cook” button, and cook until the switch jumps.

[Speed of a Durian]_ Calories _ Nutritional Value

[Speed of a Durian]_ Calories _ Nutritional Value

Durian is a very common fruit that we usually use. Durian is very nutritious. It can nourish the body when it is eaten often. However, compared with other fruits, durian has a lot of high content in trace amounts, but durian hasAppetizing effect, and the supplementary fiber contained in durian can promote gastrointestinal motility, so it is best to eat less, the variety of a durian is about 147 kcal.

Durian, durian is rich in nutrients and vitamins, which is very good for the human body. Mothers who are confinement will choose to eat it. It can be seen how high the nutrition is, but durian is rich in nutrition and high. Eating a durian is equivalent to eating a lot ofBowl of meat.

Is durian high in static electricity?

Will durian be fat?

1. The degeneration of micro-durian durian is slightly higher in fruits.

The 100 g edible portion of durian is converted to 147 kcal, while the edible portion of a durian with skin is 74 g, converted to 109 kcal.

It can be seen that durian is a relatively high fruit, and there is a certain risk of weight gain if it is eaten in large quantities, so it is necessary to eat it in moderation, but it is not suitable to eat it during weight loss.

2. Nutritional effects The durian is rich in nutrients, including a large amount of protein, feed, dietary fiber, vitamin C, carotene, and calcium, iodine, potassium and other nutrients. Consumption can supplement the body with many required nutrients.

In addition to rich nutrition, durian also has good medicinal value.

In Chinese medicine, durian is considered to be hot, and regular consumption can strengthen the body, strengthen the spleen, replenish qi, tonify the kidneys and acupuncture, warm the body and other effects, and durian can improve the temperature rise and have a better nourishing effect on people with cold constitution.

3. Edible notes Generally speaking, durians that are mature and naturally cracked should not be stored for too long, especially if they smell an alcoholic taste, it usually means that the durian has deteriorated, so it is not suitable to buy or eat.

In addition, although durian is delicious and rich in cellulose, it is still inedible too much at one time. This is because durian absorbs water and swells in the stomach. If it is eaten too much, it may cause constipation.

[What can be replaced by salad dressing]_How to replace_How to replace

[What can be replaced by salad dressing]_How to replace_How to replace

Although the salad dressing is very good, even if it is eaten lightly, it is very popular, but because the salad dressing contains high sugar and high conversion, some people always consider their own health issues before eating salad dressing, and choose not to eatSalad dressing.

But in some foods, if it is a salad dressing, it will make the food dull, so what are the alternatives to salad dressing in life?

What can I make for salad? Salad dressing can be replaced with a variety of cool clinker or raw ingredients that can be eaten directly into smaller shapes, then add condiments or pour cold sauce or coldMade by casting and stirring.

A wide range of raw materials for salads are used. Various vegetables, fruits, seafood, eggs, meat, etc. are used to make salads.

However, the raw materials are required to be fresh and tender, which meets the sanitary requirements.

Most of the salads have the characteristics of bright color, beautiful appearance, fresh and refreshing, anti-greasy and appetizing.

Salads are served as cold heads, and mainly cool vegetables such as lettuce, tomatoes, asparagus, eggplant, green peppers, etc. Some salads are supplemented with meat, such as meat batch, bacon (smoked ham), lobster, shrimp, shredded chicken, chickenLiver, foie gras, and of course cheese.

Introduce several salads1.

The basic ingredients for vegetable salad are 1000 grams of spinach, 50 grams of green onions, and garlic, 4 slices of fresh mint leaves, 100 grams of kefir, 10 grams of lemon juice, black pepper, and salt.

Method: Wash the spinach and boil it in boiling water. Remove the squeezed water and cut into pieces. Wash the green onions and cut into shreds. After peeling and washing the garlic, use a knife to smash, chop, and wash the mint leaves.Shredded.

Put lemon juice, green onion, salt and pepper in a spinach bowl, mix well, add yogurt and garlic, and sprinkle with mint.


Vegetable salad ingredients: 750 g net cabbage, 500 g carrots, 250 g green peppers, 100 g shallots, 25 g celery leaves, 50 g lettuce oil, 15 g refined salt, pepper seasoning, 25 g mustard sauce, 50 g white sugar, vinegar15 grams.

Method ① Mince the onion, add lettuce oil, salt, pepper, mustard sauce, sugar, vinegar, and a moderate amount of cold water, and mix thoroughly.

② Wash the red filaments of cabbage, carrots, green peppers and celery leaves, mix well, put them in the center of the plate, and pour on the saucer when eating.


Corn vegetable salad Ingredients: corn kernels, purple cabbage, raisins, orange meat Seasoning: salt, sugar, vinegar, pepper, olive oil

Wash and shred purple cabbage.


Mix the other main ingredients with the cut cabbage, then add the seasoning and mix well.

[Can maternal eat leeks]_Leek_Meet women_Can you eat

[Can maternal eat leeks]_Leek_Meet women_Can you eat

Basically, leek has a very high nutritional value and has a good nourishing effect on the human body. Women can eat leek appropriately after giving birth, but do not eat too much. In addition, special attention must be paid at this stageA variety of nutrition.

First, can a mother eat leeks? A mother can eat, but eat with caution.

Leek contains vitamin C and calcium, phosphorus, iron, etc., especially the content of vitamin C is 4 times that of tomato.

Its temperature is warm, spleen and stomach, qi and blood.

Eat more leek can nourish the liver and enhance the spleen and stomach.

Leek contains cellulose, which can increase peristalsis in the body. Leek also contains plant aromatic volatile oils, sulfides and other ingredients that are very beneficial to human health. It has the effects of promoting appetite, sterilizing and reducing blood lipids.

Your baby can eat a moderate amount of food, if you eat too much, it will cause mild diarrhea.

To sum up, maternal can also be chives.

However, leeks are spicy, and it is not suitable for pregnant women to eat spicy foods, so it is better to eat less.

In addition, if it is a mother who needs to breastfeed, don’t eat it, because leek is a product that returns to milk, and it will affect the baby’s milk absorption.

Second, the precautions for the mother to eat leek The mother has experienced childbirth, and her health is relatively weak. At this time, there are relatively many matters needing attention in the diet.

Leek is completely rich in protein, traces, residues, and carotene. It is also rich in vitamins and crude fiber, which can promote peristalsis in the body and help digestion.

Maternity is edible, but you need to pay attention to some places before eating.

1. People with indigestion or weak gastrointestinal function are susceptible to heartburn, and should not eat more.

2. People with tonsillitis, nasal pus, otitis media, hyperactivity and fever are not suitable for consumption.

“Compendium of Materia Medica” once recorded: “Looking at more chives is dizzy, especially when drinking.”

3, Yin deficiency but strong internal fire, weak digestion but heat in the body, ulcers, eye diseases should be eaten with caution.

Because leek has more crude fiber, eating too much is not easy to digest. If you eat too much leek, there will be a lot of crude fiber to stimulate the intestinal wall, which may induce diarrhea.

4, people who need breastfeeding should not eat, leek has the effect of returning milk.

5, healthy cooking.

The parturient’s diet should be able to better restore vitality, so the parturient’s diet should not be too heavy. When eating leek, avoid frying as much as possible to avoid getting angry and indigestion.

Third, the practice of scrambled eggs with chives Ingredients: 2 eggs, 50 grams of chives, the amount of oil, the amount of salt.

Practices: 1. Break up the eggs and add an appropriate amount of salt.

Wash the leek and cut into even sections.

2. Lift the oil pan and pour in the egg liquid.

After the egg liquid has caked, stand up and set aside.

3. Put another oil pan into the leek section, stir fry and add the egg pieces.

4, add the right amount of salt, stir fry and you are ready to cook.

[Dangers of not eating lunch]_affect_bad

[Dangers of not eating lunch]_affect_bad

Many women sometimes take the wrong way to lose weight in order to lose weight-one way to lose weight without lunch.

Because people’s three meals a day are very important for people’s health.

The energy that the human body needs for daily activities needs to be absorbed from food. Only by properly matching food and eating on time can the body maintain a healthy and balanced state.

Here are the dangers of not eating lunch.

First, lunch is an intermediate point in a person ‘s daytime activities. At this time, afternoon energy needs to be replenished. If you do n’t eat lunch, there is no energy supplement, and your body cannot supply enough blood sugar for consumption, then you will feel tired, fatigued, mentally tired in the afternoonUnable to concentrate, lose energy, and be unresponsive.

Second, if you don’t eat lunch, you will lose your energy in the first place.

At present, there is not enough lunch, and it is easy to eat more in the afternoon or dinner. Digestion and absorption are difficult to keep up, which will increase the burden on the digestive system. It will cause gastrointestinal diseases such as enteritis because it disrupts the physiological activity of the digestive system.

Third, malnutrition leads to a decline in the body’s resistance function and is susceptible to various diseases such as colds and cardiovascular diseases.

Fourth, do not eat or eat less lunch, eat more dinner naturally, the body too late to absorb and digest, it is easy to form subcutaneous aunt, easy to gain weight.

Fifth, the saturation of cholesterol in bile is particularly high when fasting, coupled with less bile secretion, slow plasma dissolution, and susceptibility to gallstones.

Sixth, the human body can only use the glycogen and protein stored in the body without eating dinner. Over time, it can lead to dry skin, wrinkles and anemia to accelerate aging.

Seventh, affect the growth and development of young people.

[How long does glutinous rice steam?]

[How long does glutinous rice steam?]

Glutinous rice chicken is a very famous dish in Cantonese style. Its method is relatively time-consuming and material-intensive. It can be regarded as a large dish. It is a very good choice for the leisure time or the visitor at home.

The glutinous rice chicken can actually be called lotus leaf chicken. Its great feature is that its outer layer is wrapped with lotus leaves. Therefore, the finished product will have the fragrance of lotus leaves. Therefore, lotus leaves will also absorb glutinous rice and organic ingredients.Excessive body oil will make the taste non-sticky and refreshing.

First, the main material of the method: one large fresh lotus leaf, the right amount of glutinous rice, the right amount of chicken, the right amount of ginkgo, chestnut, and cotton.

Seasoning: MSG, salt, chives, garlic, cooking oil, soy sauce flavor.

Production method: 1. First, soak the glutinous rice for about two hours, then take it out and dry it, put it into a steamer and steam it.

2. Cut the chicken into pieces, heat the edible oil and stir-fry the chicken, and take out the chicken after five minutes.

3. Add the diced chicken after the peppers and garlic are cooked, and then sauté the chicken completely, and add the right amount of MSG, salt, and chives at the same time.

Ginkgo and chestnut are first cooked in white water.

4. After preparing, take out the right amount of steamed glutinous rice, sandwich it with fried chicken, ginkgo and chestnut, add pepper, monosodium glutamate, salt, wrap the glutinous rice with lotus leaves, and use cotton thread for externalSo that the glutinous rice is completely wrapped in lotus leaves.

5. Finally, insert it on a small fire and steam. When the lotus leaf color becomes dark and the lotus leaf fragrance can be smelled, you can take it back.

Production method: Choose a large and fresh lotus leaf. Steam the glutinous rice completely. Wrap the glutinous rice into the lotus and steam over low heat until the flavor of the lotus leaf slowly penetrates into the glutinous rice.

Second, the nutritional value of glutinous rice chicken, nourishing Jiapin, glutinous rice is called B vitamins, can warm the spleen and stomach, and nourish the Qi.

The glutinous rice chicken made from lotus leaf is effective for hyperlipidemia, hypertension and obesity.

Third, suitable crowd 1, elderly, children, patients and other patients Pu Puhua dysfunction should not be eaten, diabetes, obesity, hyperlipidemia, patients with kidney disease try to eat less or not.

2, glutinous rice cakes, whether sweet or salty, have high levels of glucose and sodium, are overweight, have diabetes or other chronic diseases such as kidney disease, and hyperlipidemia should be moderated.

3. Patients with complications such as hot and humid phlegm and fire, fever, cough, yellow sputum, jaundice, bloating, and diabetes should not consume too much.