[How many capsules are suitable for black beans per day]_Intake_How much

[How many capsules are suitable for black beans per day]_Intake_How much

Everyone knows that black beans are actually a good food, but if we eat them for a long time, we will actually experience discomfort such as bloating.

Although black beans are good, if you eat them every day, the quantity needs to be controlled.

But many friends do not know how much black beans to eat every day, they will blindly eat.

Today, we will introduce to you how many capsules of black beans are suitable for daily consumption.

If you want to keep healthy, you can eat about one or two a day, and the amount of black beans used for cooking is not more than 100 grams a day.

The specific amount depends on the specific physical condition and the appropriate choice of the amount.

Stir-fry black beans into fine powder, mix thoroughly with sesame oil, and serve with warm water before meals 2 times a day, 1 tablespoon each time.

Stir-fried black beans: Take 1000 grams of full-grain black beans and 100 grams of table salt, heat with an appropriate amount of water, heat the salted and deflated black beans, dry the black beans, cook them, and cook them with rice.

Black Bean Flour: Stir-fry black beans into fine powder, mix thoroughly with sesame oil, and serve with warm water before meals 2 times a day, 1 tablespoon each time.

Stir-fried black beans: Take 1000 grams of full-grain black beans and 100 grams of salt, heat with an appropriate amount of water, salt the blistering black beans, dry the black beans, cook them, and chew about 30 tablets each before meals and before going to bed at night.

If you have bad teeth, you can grind the black beans before eating.

Vinegar and Black Beans: Wash the black beans, dry them, put them in a bottle, and add old aged vinegar (the vinegar should cover the black beans) and soak for 1 week.

After getting up every morning, drink 1 cup of cold water, then eat 30 vinegar beans, and then eat.

If it is habitual constipation, eating on the first day may not have any effect, and the effect becomes more obvious afterwards.

It should be noted that eating black beans should be moderate.

For long-term consumption of black beans, it is best not to exceed 10 capsules a day, and a blood test should be performed first to understand whether your uric acid value is normal, so as to avoid eating problems.

Except that people with too high uric acid should not eat too much, people with long-term poor function should also eat less or not.

Experts comment that traditional Chinese medicine believes that black beans are sweet and flat, non-toxic, with antipyretic and clearing heat, nourishing blood and flattening liver, and tonic conversion.

Modern pharmacological research shows that black beans can be protein, a variety of minerals and crude fibers.

[How to make pancakes delicious and simple]_How to make_How to make

[How to make pancakes delicious and simple]_How to make_How to make

For the common specialty snack of pancakes, I believe that many people prefer to eat it, mainly because pancakes have a good taste and flavor, so everyone can learn how to do it.

If you want to make delicious pancakes, you still need to adopt the correct method. You need to use cold water when mixing noodles, and then squeeze the dough into an oval shape on the case panel. Put it in a pan and cook it into golden yellow. You can eat it.

First, how to make pancakes delicious and simple ingredients: 500 grams of flour, 140 grams of boiling water, 160 grams of cold water, how to make vegetable oil: 1. Add flour to the basin, add boiling water and stir well with chopsticks, add cold water in portions, manually andTurn into a softer dough and cover for 15 minutes.

2. Spread a thin layer of flour on the chopping board, knead the dough on the chopping board, and divide it into 4 equal parts.

3. Take a portion of the dough and roll it into oval-shaped pasta. Pour in the vegetable oil on the pasta and spread evenly. Spread a layer of dry flour on the surface and spread evenly. Roll from the narrow end of the pasta into strips and separate the mouth.After tightening, twist it a few turns, and then use both hands to squeeze the flattening agent from both ends to the middle, and do the rest of the sequence.

4. Use a rolling pin to roll the finished preparation into a diameter of about 25 cm and a thickness of about 0.

Put a 5 cm cake into a 50% hot pan and bake on both sides.

Tip # 1, the softer dough will stick to you when you knead it.

2. When baking pancakes, use a small fire. Roll a pancake three times and turn it six times to ensure uniform coloring. After it is out of the pan, lift it up a few times so that the pancake layer comes out.

Second, baking ingredients: 250 grams of ordinary flour, salt.

Method / Steps: 1. Add a teaspoon of salt to the flour.

Boil half of the flour with boiling water and the other half with cold water.

Finally, knead the dough into a smooth dough and proof for 30 minutes.

2. Knead the waking dough into optional strips.

Cut into small dough pieces of uniform size.

Take a small piece of dough and press it into small round cakes, brush with oil, cover with a small piece of dough, and stack the two small pieces of dough.

Then roll the dough into small round cakes.

3. Heat the pan over low heat and put in a small round cake.

Cook the pancakes until they swell in the middle and cook on the reverse side.

After the pan is torn apart from the middle, it becomes two small cakes.

Note that the dough must be soft and soft, so that the eclairs are soft and delicious.

Flour protein protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and calcium, iron, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium and other minerals have the effect of nourishing the heart and kidney, strengthening the spleen and thickening the intestines, and removing heat and thirst.

[The coolest moment of sex]

[The coolest moment of sex]

Many couples like to set sex time at night. In fact, it is not suitable for sex at night. When is the best time of the day for the same room?

Enter the article to learn about it.


Early in the morning and early in the morning This is a man’s favorite time for sex, because most men are in an erection when they wake up in the morning.

But many women have opposite opinions.

Women pay more attention to mood and enjoyment during sex, so it is difficult for them to tolerate kissing each other without brushing their teeth, and whispering face to face.

In addition, the morning time is often rushed, and it is difficult to warm up slowly. Often it is to enter the character quickly, to fight quickly and quickly, without the gentleness and whisper after sex.

Unfavorable disease: But there are also many disadvantages if you refuse the request of a man who has already been burned: he will be irritable and do not want to have breakfast; desire is stuck in his body, and he only thinks about it all day long.

If you are not a love lover in the early morning, except for weekends, get up before him, take a shower, make breakfast, put on outfits and sit at the table and make coffee.

A good day starts with a sex in the early morning.


[Can the conch be steamed and eat]_Steamed_Can you

[Can the conch be steamed and eat]_Steamed_Can you

There are many ways to eat conch. The more common way of eating is to eat directly steamed, to keep the nutrient of the conch from losing. Some people like to separate the meat of the conch when eating it, and cook it directly. Some people like to eat it.Stir-fried food, and some people like to steam the conch to eat it. The nutritional value of the conch is very high. It is very good for your health after eating, but you need to pay attention to it when you eat it.

Can conch be steamed and eaten?

The conch can be eaten steamed, and it tastes very good.

Consumption of steamed conch1, you must remove your head.

Substances secreted by the conch’s brain nerves can cause food poisoning, so the head must be removed before eating.

Improper eating of conch can cause human food poisoning, which has been confirmed by epidemiological investigations.

However, the substance that causes food poisoning is not in the meat of the conch, the substance secreted by the brain nerves, so as long as the head of the conch is removed during the cooking process.

2, eat conch must be cooked.

Conch is easy to hide germs and parasites, so it should be cooked for more than 10 minutes before eating to prevent infection by germs and parasites.

3, pay attention to the food with the conch.

Conch should not be eaten with beef, lamb, broad beans, pork, clams, noodles, corn, winter melon, cantaloupe, fungus and sugar.

Therefore, avoid eating such foods within 2 hours before and after eating conch.

4, these people should not eat conch.

Conch is cold, and normal people should not eat too much. People with cold constitution should not eat more.

In addition, those who suffer from spleen and stomach deficiency and diarrhea should not eat; due to the snail-like cold, they should not eat during the cold and cold, and women during menstruation and postpartum.

5. Other contraindications.

Conch meat should not be taken with Chinese medicine toad and western medicine oxytetracycline.

Eating snails cannot crystallize ice water, otherwise it will cause diarrhea.

If you have food poisoning due to eating conch, you don’t need to panic. In severe cases, you can go to the hospital for symptomatic treatment. For minor ones, you don’t need to take two days off for treatment. Generally, there are no sequelae.

[Does drinking beer increase moisture]_affect_hazard

[Does drinking beer increase moisture]_affect_hazard

Beer is a common drink in life. Many men especially like beer because they can experience a thrill when drinking beer, and the alcoholic people in beer are becoming more and more addicted, especially in summer.Barbecue and cold beer are very popular when people are drinking it, but drinking beer regularly, but it becomes our nerve paralysis is not good, so will drinking beer increase moisture?

Now is the season of spring and summer, when the cold and humid is the heaviest. The wet and cold in winter has not left, but the spring that the yang is rising is mixed with the cold that returns to spring.

At this time, drink beer with friends and choose beer carefully, because although almost all alcohols are mild, beer is cold.

Therefore, this season, except beer, is the first choice for parties, and white wine and red wine are the best boosters.

From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, the seasonal characteristics of the spring and summer seasons are: rising yang, windy and rainy, damp and cold, the wet and cold in winter has not left, and the cold air that returns to spring is mixed.

It is best to go to bed early and get up early in life, get up early to absorb yang, and go to bed early to collect yang.

You need to go outside to exercise, and you must choose to exercise when the sun comes out. Foggy weather is likely to cause cold and wet attack.

In the diet, high-temperature cold seafood cannot be touched, because cold and excessive seafood can easily grow Salmonella that causes respiratory and diarrheal diseases.

Even after cooking, the toxins remain after the bacteria die.

“It is dangerous to drink beer this season.

Alcohol is generally warm and cold, but beer is cold, this season is mainly cold and wet, drinking beer can only make matters worse.

Director Cui Xujiang said that if you want to drink in the party, the best choice is white wine and red wine.

If you go out, you must pay attention to pollen allergies.

Allergens have come out this season. Plants and bugs are springing up. “If you are allergic, you should not touch plants you haven’t seen during an outing.

“Overall, berberine and Huoxiangzhengqi liquid are essential medicines for tourism.

What do you recommend to eat with crow’s feet?

What do you recommend to eat with crow’s feet?


Eat more alkaline alkaline foods, alkaline foods are not determined by the taste, but the food is finally acidic or alkaline after entering the human body.

Alkaline foods include most vegetables, fruits, soy products and seafood.

Studies have shown that excessive amounts of acidic foods make the blood acidic, which increases the amount of lactic acid and uric acid in the blood.

These substances come to the surface of the skin with sweat, which will make the skin become inactive and lose its elasticity. Especially the skin of some skins is weak, and it is easy to crack when exposed to cold wind or sun exposure.

Eat more alkaline foods, which can make the blood appear weakly alkaline, reduce the content of lactic acid and urea, and reduce the erosion and damage to the skin.


Eat more micro-vitamins such as pork bone soup, beef bone soup, chicken skin, chicken bone soup, etc., can enhance the elasticity of the skin.

Human skin is divided into epidermis, dermis, and subcutaneous tissue. The main effect of skin beauty is the dermis.

The dermis is composed of elastic fibers, and the most important substance constituting the elastic fibers is chondroitin sulfate.

If this type of chondroitin is lacking in the human body, the skin loses its elasticity and wrinkles appear.

Therefore, eating more foods rich in cellulose sulfate can delay the occurrence of wrinkles and keep the skin elastic and delicate.


Eat more collagen foods such as pig skin, pig’s trotters, turtles, etc.

According to nutritionists, protein is contained in every hundred grams of pig skin.

4% for pork 2.

5 times, but only 2.

27 grams, half of the pork.

In particular, the protein in the skin is mainly composed of collagen.

This collagen has the function of increasing skin water storage, moisturizing the skin, and maintaining the balance of moisture inside and outside the skin tissue cells.

Collagen is the main raw material for skin cell growth, which can make human skin grow full, white and tender, and make wrinkles reduce or disappear, making people attractive to young people.


Foods that eat more traces of nucleic acids, such as fish, shrimp, oysters, mushrooms, white fungus, honey, etc., can eliminate age spots.

Cutting-edge research has found that supplementing nucleic acid foods can both delay aging and prevent skin wrinkles.

The researchers used 30 women to get 800 mg of nucleic acid daily and the right amount of vitamin C.

After one month, the age spots of 9 people’s abdomen disappeared, the wrinkles of 5 people’s abdomen disappeared, the rough skin of 8 people became more abundant, and the skin of others was improved.

Massage drainage, healthier than sauna

Massage drainage, healthier than sauna

Dieting, exercise, and all kinds of slimming treatments are tried, but the pointer on the scale is not willing to go any further.

Where is the problem?

Isn’t the amount of exercise enough, or is it blaming the cake at three o’clock every afternoon?

Health management experts suggest that it may be that your body’s moisture is working.

  Wet evil is especially good in the summer, not only let us gain weight, but many symptoms of bitter summer, such as sticky mouth and thirst, a lot of bad, etc. are also related to excessive wetness.

To lighten the summer, the key is to damp the drain.

  Drainage and weight loss, people who start spleen from the spleen are often more likely to be wet and weigh more than others.

Chinese medicine believes that the spleen has the function of “transporting water and dampness”. After the spleen and stomach is damaged, it cannot be “transported” normally and “sweet water stops”.

After a large amount of wet evil accumulation in the body, the body is heavy, bloating and even diarrhea, and all the discomfort such as eyelid edema in the morning will come to the door.

In the summer, if ice cream, too much cold drink, will increase the problem of spleen and make the weight of the package deeper.

Experts remind that in addition to eating yam and other spleen foods, you love your ice cream, you have to control your mouth.

Even if you eat, it is best to eat around noon, avoid eating in the morning just after getting up in bed or before going to bed at night.

In addition, ice water should not be drunk.

  During the menstrual period, red beans, blood and drainage, experts came to eat, eat some red beans during the menstrual period, drain and blood.

Red bean phospholipid iron has the effect of enriching blood and is a tonic for women’s physiological period.

Modern research has found that red bean also contains a saponin that promotes laxative and urination.

Chinese medicine believes that red bean is flat, has nourishing and strong, spleen and stomach, diuresis, detoxification, heat and detoxification, and blood function, more suitable for spleen dampness and heat.

Drinking red bean porridge or eating cakes containing red beans before and after menstruation can not only eliminate excess water in the body, but also prevent iron deficiency anemia.

  Mung beans, lentils, loofah, winter melons, etc. all have a good moisturizing effect.

Smart and healthy, you can choose your own light drainage food according to your own taste.

  Drainage food in the rainy season – the glutinous rice arrives in summer, and the southern region begins to enter the rainy and wet season.

People with excellent health care will add a special food to the dinner table – glutinous rice.

Chinese medicine believes that glutinous rice has the functions of strengthening the spleen, replenishing the lungs, clearing away heat and dampness, and is the best therapeutic food for the spleen deficiency.

Modern research shows that the nutrients contained in glutinous rice are very rich, the protein contained is far higher than ordinary rice, and the surface is high, which can timely supplement the physical exertion under high temperature in summer, and the glutinous rice also contains 8 kinds of essential amino acids, which are close to the human body.

In addition, glutinous rice has the characteristics of being easily digested and absorbed, and is especially suitable for spleen and stomach weakness, and those who are wet and stagnate.

  There are many ways to eat glutinous rice, the most common one is porridge.

On the edge of the high temperature, if you come to the bowl of glutinous rice melon porridge every day, you can achieve the light weight effect of dampness and water.

  Appropriate nap, lighter body Experts believe that sleeping well can also make our body lighter.

Because overwork is easy to burn and hurt blood, lack of blood will further increase the wetness of the internal stop.

In the summer, the long nights are short, and many busy professional people work overtime at night. The nighttime sleep time is often insufficient. Special attention should be paid to the combination of work and rest.

For white-collar workers, proper nap can supplement the lack of sleep in the evening, so that the brain and body systems are relaxed and rested, and the work efficiency in the afternoon is greatly improved.

Use the company’s position, take a nap on a couch, or go to a nearby beauty salon to make a facial sleep, even if you are playing a little girl in front.

For those women who are not able to take a good lunch break at noon due to objective conditions, it is necessary to ensure the existence of night sleep.

  Less salt, help the kidney drain to eat too much salt will lead to more water intake, many people with heavy weight are not slim.

Many popular science articles often remind everyone to add more salt or boiled drinks in the summer. This is a good idea.

But this is mainly for summer military pilots, physical labor, for white-collar workers who rarely sweat.

Because the salt implanted in the body is mainly discharged through the kidneys, when the salt is replaced too much or the kidneys are displaced, it is impossible to discharge too much sodium in the body in time.

When the concentration of sodium ions in the blood rises, the water that enters enters the blood vessel, which is likely to cause water and sodium retention, and edema is uninvited.Although you didn’t eat too much, it looked bigger than others.

  If you don’t sweat too much, you still have to stick to a low-salt diet in the summer (the World Health Organization recommends that each person’s daily salt intake is said to exceed 6 grams), especially for people with high blood pressure.

  Afternoon cup of tea, drainage and decompression Some artists use diuretics to achieve the purpose of weight loss, which is dangerous and unscrupulous.

In our lives, tea is actually the most natural diuretic.

Experts suggest that before starting work every afternoon, you can make yourself a cup of tea, which can refresh your mind and improve the efficiency of the afternoon work. Moreover, because the tea also has the effect of diuresis, it can take away excess water in the body in time.

Scientists at the University of London in the United Kingdom also found that drinking tea can help reduce the “stress hormones” in the body and make people relax. People who drink tea are more likely to “decompress” than those who drink other drinks.

It is recommended to use a transparent glass to drink, in order to better observe the slow stretch of tea in the water, swimming, changing process, bring visual enjoyment.

Special reminders are that women with cold or heavy menstrual periods should not sleep cool or cold.

  Because there is no fermentation conversion in the production process, the green tea has higher nutrient content, but the chlorophyll content also overlaps and is cool; Tieguanyin is semi-fermented tea, which is still cold due to short fermentation period; oolong tea does notCold or not, it is a kind of neutral tea; Dahongpao tea is warm and not cold; Pu’er tea is mild and mellow, and has the effect of warming the stomach, especially suitable for people with heavy cold.

  Massage drainage, healthier than sauna, talking about drainage, the most easily recognizable lazy trick is to wash the sauna.

This passive way of sweating is not suitable for hot summers, especially for alternating use.

Because the sauna can quickly circulate blood and eliminate the dampness in the body, it is not conducive to heart health because of excessive sweating during the sauna.

In fact, compared to the sauna, taking a warm bath and taking a massage is a healthier way to drain.

The warm bath can make the body sweat and sweat slightly. With simple massage techniques, it can not only transform the body’s role of dampness, but also a good way to relax.

If you have time, the weekly body spa, by the professional massage therapist’s physiotherapy, can get better detoxification drainage effect.

  After the summer exercise, wait for the sweat to dry and then bathe with warm water similar to the body temperature, supplemented by the drainage of plant essential oils, can relieve fatigue and relax.

  Sports sweating is the most damp. In all drainage methods, exercise sweating is one of the most unnegligible.

Health management experts believe that in the summer, moderate military exercise can not only enhance physical fitness, improve the body’s disease resistance, but also help digestion, promote blood circulation, and prevent endogenous dampness.

At the same time, the body sweats slightly during exercise, and can also take away excess water in the body, making the body feel lighter.

Experts have found that sports are best chosen when it is relatively cool in the morning or in the evening. It is advisable to walk, walk, jog, all kinds of balls, Tai Chi and other sports.

  In the exercise process, when excessive sweating, you can properly add mung bean sodium sulphate soup, you must not continue to cool a lot of water, and you can not immediately use cold water to punch, shower.

  Balance the hormones, leaving the body no longer heavy. Some heavy bodies are caused by low thyroid function.

With age, the problem of hypothyroidism is getting easier to find a mature woman.

The symptoms of hypothyroidism are not obvious, so it is often easy to miss a diagnosis.

In fact, when you find that you don’t eat much but gain weight, you often feel uncomfortable, always sleep, cold, hair dry and other symptoms, it is necessary to do a hormone level, especially thyroid function test.

By adjusting your hormones to a healthy position, your body can be regained lightness.

  Taking him out of the wet drainage survey found that nearly 40% of Chinese men over the age of 40 have problems with low levels of insulin ketones.

Low levels of retinal ketones can cause obesity in men.

Even if exercise plus dieting, the weight loss effect is still not obvious, and it is slightly easier to accumulate in the middle of danger.

So, double you, take him to the endocrinology to do a hormone level test, and complete the drainage reduction this summer.

Old people should not eat this basic food.

Old people should not eat this basic food.

Some foods are very nutritious, but for the elderly, it is not appropriate to eat more. So what foods should not be eaten by the elderly?

here we come to find out.

  Tremella Tremella is rich in nutrients, as well as tonifying kidney, moistening the lungs, and producing fluids. It is popular among the elderly, but in the clinic, it is more common in the elderly who suffer from intestinal obstruction due to improper consumption of white fungus.

This is because the digestive function of the elderly is poor, and the white fungus is not very digestible. If you eat too much or eat more meals in a row, it will cause intestinal obstruction, which is manifested as abdominal paroxysmal cramps, nausea, vomiting, bloating, constipation,The anus stops venting, etc. Some patients are seriously ill and even need surgery.

  Fish roe is a nutrient-rich food, which is rich in protein, calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamins and riboflavin. It is a good supplement for human brain and bone, and it is a long-term diet.Because the fish roe has diabetes, the elderly eat more.

Although the fish seed is small, it is difficult to digest after eating. It is difficult to cook after cooking. It is easy to digest and cause diarrhea after eating. Therefore, it should be cooked and cooked during cooking. Do not eat when eating.It’s superfluous.

  The nutritional value of tofu tofu is high, but the elderly should not eat more.

Tofu contains extremely rich protein, and also contains phytic acid and swelling gas factor. If it is consumed too much and the body will absorb iron, it will easily cause protein indigestion, abdominal distension, diarrhea and other symptoms.

Soybeans that make tofu contain a substance called saponin, which not only prevents atherosclerosis, but also promotes the excretion of iodine in the human body, causing iodine deficiency in the human body.

Chinese medicine believes that tofu is cold, so those with stomach cold and diarrhea, abdominal distension, spleen deficiency and kidney deficiency often have nocturnal emission.

  Sunflower seed sunflower seeds are nutritious but not suitable for the elderly.

First of all, sunflower seeds have high oil content, and these oils are mainly unsaturated fatty acids. Eating too much will not only consume choline in the body, but also cause abnormal metabolic disorders in the body, which will be slightly deposited in the liver, which will affect the normal function of liver cells and cause liver.Dysfunction, it is also easy to cause connective tissue hyperplasia, and even induce liver tissue necrosis or cirrhosis.

Basically, some sunflower seeds used in frying, such as cinnamon, anise, pepper, etc. have a certain stimulating effect on the stomach.

Is there a certain signal for the elderly to seek medical attention?

Is there a certain signal for the elderly to seek medical attention?

We know that the elderly are a special group of people. Their physical fitness and immunity are not as good as those of young people, and the functions of multiple organs in the body begin to degenerate, making it more prone to multiple chronic diseases.

Therefore, the elderly should always observe their own health status at ordinary times. If the following signals appear, they should go to the hospital for medical treatment.

  The elderly should have a certain signal in the body and should see a doctor in time?

  Lifting the weight of the arm: When the orthopedics lift the weight, they will feel the weakness of the arm. At this time, it must be highly noticed. It may be caused by the ligament and muscle of the scapula connected to the arm. It should be timely.Go to the hospital to see orthopedics and perform surgery if necessary.

  You can’t touch the toes and toes when you bend over: You can’t touch the toes and feet with a cardiovascular curve. It may also be a manifestation of cardiovascular disease, but the lack of exercise on the calf and buttocks can’t touch the toes.

Studies have found that the more flexible the elderly, the risk of cardiovascular disease is relatively small, people who bend over the toes, the incidence of arteriosclerosis will occur.

  Words become smaller: If the words written in neurology are very small and quite dense, it is likely to be an early symptom of Parkinson’s disease, most of which is caused by slowness of movement and stiffness of the hands.

  After two hours of getting up, physical activity is still difficult: in addition to the symptoms of backache in the orthopedics, after getting up in the morning, I still feel physical activity through certain activities, which may be the symptoms of ankylosing spondylitis.

  Blurred vision when taking a hot bath: When you see a neurological bath in a hot bath, if you have blurred vision and changes in visual color, you should pay attention. It may be a precursor to multiple sclerosis.See neurology.

  The mouth can’t be enlarged: there is no way to open the mouth of the orthopedics. It may be caused by joint and joint disorders of the mandibular joint. Joint wear and trauma and molars are also the cause of this symptom.

  Can’t turn to look at the headache: see if the neck is not flexible, there is no way to look at the shoulder, it may be cervical spondylosis, it should be improved by physical therapy and yoga.

  I can’t put my hands flat on the table: seeing that the orthopedics can’t put their hands on the table, it may be a symptom of perforation of the palpebral membrane, which causes the fingers to bend toward the palm.

  Can’t laugh: Look at the normal laughter of neurology in normal times. It may be the symptom of myasthenia gravis in neuromuscular commotion. The most typical symptom of this disease is sagging for two years.

  Older people should go to the hospital to check their bodies regularly, and family members should pay more attention to the body of the elderly. If there are several kinds of signals indicating that there are problems in the body, they should go to the hospital for relevant examinations and treatments.

What are the reasons why the elderly often cry?

What are the reasons why the elderly often cry?

In the ophthalmology clinics of hospitals, there are often too many elderly people who see tears as the main symptom.

Some old people continue to wipe their eyes because of long-term tears, which have caused red, swollen, painful, and even erosive eyelids. Some old people buy various eye drops, including hormonal eye drops, in order to eliminate the symptoms of tearing, but after use, the effect isIt is not ideal; some elderly people are involved in medical treatment and must “find a statement”; others worry that their eyes will be blind and fearful.

In fact, these worries and fears are not necessary.

“Old tears” is mostly not sick.

  Tears are produced by the lacrimal gland, an organ that specifically secretes tears.

The eyelids (commonly known as the eyelids) have two small holes near the edge of the inner corner of the eye, called tears. The tears are the two small holes that flow into the lacrimal passage and finally into the nasal cavity.

Under normal conditions, the alternation of tears is an active “pump” process, which keeps blinking, the eyelid muscles contract, relax, and the tears are constantly “pumped” into the lacrimal passage.

If the lacrimal gland is complication or the eye is stimulated, the tear secretion is increased, or the lacrimal duct is attacked by the disease, the abnormal position of the punctum and the “pump” function are reduced, which will cause the eye to “water”.

  90% of the elderly are cryogenically dysfunctional through the improvement of people’s health habits, and the elderly patients who actually lead to lacrimal duct contraction leading to lacrimal complication and tearing symptoms increase.

The cause of tearing due to eye diseases (such as trachoma, trichiasis, keratitis, etc.) is not too much.

Clinical data show that about 90% of the elderly have tears that are functional abnormalities.

These old people’s lacrimal passages are very smooth, and the eyes are not obviously slight. The reason why the “old tears are vertical and horizontal” is mainly due to the loosening of the eyelids and the degenerative changes in the muscles.

In addition, because the whitening (conjunctiva) is loose, tears can not be properly distributed and flowed directly to the outside of the eye, which is also an important cause of tears in the elderly.

  Dealing with tears, how can the elderly friends treat and deal with tears correctly in two steps?

First, you should go to the hospital to see if tearing is caused by eye diseases, including lacrimal gland disease, trichiasis, and lacrimal passage attachments.

If there is an organic disease, it should be treated promptly.

If the diagnosis is functional tearing, there is no special treatment at present, but there are some suggestions for your reference: First, correctly understand the problem of tearing.

Since tearing is caused by aging and dysfunction, tears are not as terrible as white hair.

Especially when cycling or crossing the road, immediately wipe or close your eyes to remove the tears, so as to avoid danger due to blurred vision.

  Second, learn to wipe the tears properly.

The old man’s eyelids are slack, and if you wipe the tears down hard, it can cause the eyelids to be everted and aggravate the symptoms of tearing.

The correct method should be to wipe to the nose or gently dry at the outer corner of the eye.

  Third, avoid stimulating factors.

Diet should be light, eat less spicy food, avoid contact with irritating items, cold and windy days should reduce outdoor activities.

  Fourth, avoid using eye drops.

Eye drops relax the eyelids and re-align the tears caused by conjunctival relaxation. On the contrary, repeated eye drops, especially hormonal eye drops, can cause dryness and discomfort in the eyes, which in turn leads to glaucoma and cataracts.

Fifth, elderly friends with mildly loose conjunctiva can use topical massage and wet towel hot compress to relieve symptoms.